Why cant we talk to Allah?

Q. Aoa, I am a Muslim aged 16 from Pakistan. I want to know that why cant we talk to Allah?I mean as we do with humans…. I know making dua and reciting Quran and praying salah are means of communication with Allah but cant we talk to Allah individually?Like Musa(as) used to do. And who are the friends of Allah(Awliyah Allah) dont they talk to Allah? JazakAllah
بسم الله

Asalam u Alaikum. All Praise is due to Allah. Coming to your question, It has been revealed that

Allah created death and life to test you (as to) which of you is best in deed [Al-Mulk, 2]
Since this life is an exam, if everyone was able to talk with Allah, then people would try to get details like someone’s personal information, future events etc.
Someone has said that
“If you wonder why you can’t hear God’s voice during your trials. Remember the teacher is always quiet during the test.”
Coming to your next question, Awliya’ of Allah are those persons who give priority to obey Allah and His Messenger in different aspects of their lives.
‘Abdullah ibn Mas‘ood (RA) narrated a Hadith that:
“Hasten to Jumu‘ah, for verily Allah will appear to the people of Paradise every Friday when they gather at a sand hill of camphor, and their closeness to Him will be commensurate with the degree to which they hastened to Jumu‘ah in this world.”
الحمد لله أوله وآخره
الداعية الإسلامي

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