What about joining the police in a democratic state?

All praise is due to Allah, and may Salaah and Salaam be upon the Messenger of Allah (saw), to proceed:

Many people have assumed that our deen it permits one to join the police, yet have failed to even ask what is the implications of such action, for if we say we are Muslim then we must realise that this Deen of Istislam (Submission) is what we must refer to see if any action is permitted by the Shar’iah.

So what does Islam say about those from the Muslims who join the police force? Are they simply contributing to the society they live in? Are they doing a good deed? Will they receive any law? What will happen to their Imaan? Will it decrease, increase, negate? How can any Muslim really claim to love Allah and he joins those soldiers of the enemy to subjugate Islam

Verily any Muslim who joins the police force is an apostate from Islam, he is the enemy of Allah and even the officer who claims he does not believe in the kufr law in his heart will never be saved by his claim from the sin of his apostasy. How can a Muslim accept law not legislated by Allah let alone to enforce it with our tongue and body? Allah (swt) says,

“Is it that they believe in forces to have a share in Allah’s divinity, which enjoin upon them as a law something that Allah has never permitted? Now were it not for Allah’s decree on the final judgment, all would indeed have been decided between them [in this world]: but, verily, grievous suffering awaits the evildoers [in the life to come].” [42: 21]

There is no surprise in the animosity of the Kuffar nor in their campaign against Islam and Muslims and their eagerness to compel Muslims to leave the wisdom and guidance of Islam in exchange for the filth of their own man-made law. They call and wish the Muslims to leave the high ranks of Islam and to lower ourselves to the ranks of the Police, and Allah informs us of how our response should be,

“They but wish that you should become Kafir, the way that they are Kafir, and thus be on the same footing (as they): But take not friends/allies from their ranks until they flee in the way of Allah (From what is forbidden). But if they turn renegades, seize them and slay them wherever you find them; and (in any case) take no friends or helpers from their ranks;” [4: 89]

Verily nobody responds to their call except that disbelieve the way they believe, Allah (swt) says,

“O you who believe! Do not ally to the Jews and Christians (or any other non-muslims who are all less than them), they are only allies to each other and whoever allies with them is one of them (i.e. is a Kafir like them) and Allah does not guide Al Zalimun (i.e. disbelievers, apostates).” [5: 51]

Al Tabari said about this ayah,

“Whoever allies with them, is one of them, (means) that he becomes from their deen and their sect, no one allies with someone unless he is on the same deen, belief or sect, or if he is pleased, happy consenting to them, and whoever is pleased, happy and consenting to something he become opposing to what is opposite to it. This is why the hukm of the mu’min who allies with the kaafir, is the same hukm as the kaafir.”

And Imam Qurtubi said,

“His hukm is like their hukm, he will be prevented from taking inheritance, the ayah is speaking about ibn Abi Salul, he allied with the kuffar, his hukm will continue until the day of judgement, that everyone must boycott any muwalaat with him because he differs with Allah and his Messenger, he consented to the kuffar and so it becomes obligatory to declare animosity towards him and them, and hellfire becomes obligatory on him, the way it is obligatory on them.”

Those police who are on the front line in the war on Islam and are desperate to recruit from within the Muslim community anybody willing to betray their Muslim brothers, to spy and inform about them. What is surprising is the numbers of hypocrites who rush to answer their call claiming that “it is because we are not involved with the police that we are facing calamity from them” But we are not disheartened because Allah (swt) informed us of those enemies within the Muslim community,

“And yet you can see how those in whose hearts there is disease rush to (join) them, saying, “We fear lest a calamity comes to us.” But Allah may well bring about good fortune or any event of His own devising, whereupon those waverers will be smitten with remorse for the thoughts which they had secretly harboured within themselves.” [5: 52]

Those Muslims who join the police have left Islam for Kufr and deserve nothing in the dunya except our hatred and animosity and hatred and nothing in the hereafter except hellfire. There is no difference of opinion on it nor should we argue about what they deserve as that is decided by Allah,

“Why should you be divided into two parties about the Hypocrites? Allah has upset them for their (evil) deeds. Would you guide those whom Allah has misguided? For those whom Allah has misguided, never shall they find the Way.” [4: 88-89]

This ayah is addressing those who join the ranks of the Kuffar while outwardly showing Islam, Ibn Kathir quoted ibn Abbas in his tafseer of this ayah:

“This ayah came about a group of Muslims in Makkah who claimed to be Muslims. They supported the kuffar against the Muslims, they went to Madina and the people disputed whether to kill them or not, Allah (swt) said: “kill them wherever you find them.”

So if anybody comes to you asking you to join the police force, do not be confused about him and do not respect him nor call him ‘brother’ or ‘sir’, but call him by his name, ‘Munafiq’ and tell them what they have done,

“Announce the news to such hypocrites that a serious punishment awaits them, those who take the disbelievers for their allies in preference to the believers – do they hope to be honoured by them when, behold, all honour belongs to Allah alone?” [4: 138-139]

Those who seek to contribute to this kufr society, who seek to be respected and honoured by the British government and the Kuffar in this country are hypocrites and apostates from Islam. The Muslims in the UK must maintain their unique Islamic identity, an identity of Tawheed, obedience to none but Allah, alliance to none but Allah and his worshippers, Disassociation, hatred and animosity against all those who disbelieve in Allah and an identity of support for all those who fight in the way of Allah, an identity of earning only in Halal, in a job that his Muslim brothers and sisters are safe from his tongue and hand.

And for who think the police is no more than a job and a salary, we remind them of the saying of the prophet (saw),

“Whoever earns a bite of food by reporting or spying on Muslims, Allah will feed him the equivalent in the hellfire, and whoever wears clothes earning from spying against Muslims, Allah will clothe him with hellfire.” [Bukhari – Kitab ul-Adab]

May Allah Make us live and Die as Muslim’s who true to their Lord


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