List of Quran Suarh Tafsirs and Books by Abdur Raheem As-Saranbi

In this work, Abdu Raheem as Saranbi, an Islamic scholar from Sri Lanka has combined both the classical and contemporary Tafasir as well as taken the knowledge gained from his teachers. He has also included his own reflections and thoughts on the meanings of the verses and where possible he has tried to link the verses to situations and realities that he has observed in the world today.


Surah al-Fatihah
Surah al-Baqarah
Surah aali-Imran
Surah at-Tawbah
Surah Yusuf
Surah Ibraheem
Surah al-Kahf
Surah Maryam
Surah TaHa
Surah al-Ahzab
Surah YaSeen
Surah Fussilat
Surah an-Najm
Surah al-Mujadilah
Surah al-Hashr
Surah as-Saff
Surah al-Jumuah
Surah al-Mulk
Surah al-Muddathir
Surah al-‘Asr
Surah an-Nasr
Surah al-Falaq
Surah al-Ikhlas


The Divine Kingdom : An Introduction to Islam
Islam : The Path to God

(The above content was compiled from different URLs and the archive of

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