[PDF] Manzil Dua (منزل دعا) -selected verses from Quran for protection

Manzil is a collection of Aayaat and short Surahs from the Quran that are to be recited as Ruqyah  for protection against harmful things, sickness, sorcery/witchcraft, sihr/magic,  jinn, evil eye, enemies etc. The Manzil Dua is prescribed to be read in the morning/evening. Download PDF Get this Booklet in another style Audio (Mp3) https://audiomack.com/islamic-songs/song/manzil-dua-protection-from-magic-jinn-enemies  

[PDF] Quran Shareef Hindi translation (Para 1 to 30)

शुरू अल्लाह के नाम से जो दयालु और कृपाशील है क़ुरान हिंदी अनुवाद Para No. Name Transliteration Surah & Verse Start End Juz 1 آلم Alif Laam Meem Al-Fatiha 1 Al-Baqarah 141 Juz 2 سيقول السفهاء Sayaqūl Al-Baqarah 142 Al-Baqarah 252 Juz 3 تلك الرسل Tilka -r-rusul Al-Baqarah 253 Al-Imran 92 Juz 4 لن تنالوا   … Continue reading [PDF] Quran Shareef Hindi translation (Para 1 to 30)

List of Quran Suarh Tafsirs and Books by Abdur Raheem As-Saranbi

In this work, Abdu Raheem as Saranbi, an Islamic scholar from Sri Lanka has combined both the classical and contemporary Tafasir as well as taken the knowledge gained from his teachers. He has also included his own reflections and thoughts on the meanings of the verses and where possible he has tried to link the … Continue reading List of Quran Suarh Tafsirs and Books by Abdur Raheem As-Saranbi

Fundamental Books for a Muslim

► Basic booklets/articles on learning and understanding Islam Wudu and Salah Ayat al-Kursi (with Tafsir) Six Kalimas 99 Names of Allah Sunnats 40 Rabbana Duas Durood & Salam Tashahhud Types of Nafl Salah Morning & Evening Azkar Manzil Aayat Dua al-Qunoot Tasbih Tarawih How to Begin a Khutbah? Juma Khutba (Friday Sermon) Istikharah prayer Nikah … Continue reading Fundamental Books for a Muslim